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UI UX Design
Mobile Application
Web & CMS Development

Software Development
Futuristic Dashboard
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Mobile Application

At DUOZ we cater to all your requirements with complete excellence and professionalism. We provide highly digitalized applications with variety and cope up with rapidly accelerating technologies.

Our Philosophy

We’re not just coders – we’re product strategists. Agile methodology and Lean Startup principles lie at the core of everything we do, and we’ve honed our process over hundreds of projects to make sure that when we build something, it’s something people want. Our iterative design process and relentless focus on validation ensure that you avoid unnecessary features and ballooning cost, ending with a beautiful app built to satisfy users.

Our Tech Specs

iOS App

iOS apps are the most procedural apps worldwide. At DUOZ we assert the best iOS apps that will attract a large number of iOS users.

Android App

Android apps allow you to connect to a large number of clients around the globe. DUOZ develops apps that will boost your business and make you lead the market.

Cross Platform Apps

Our skillfully developed Cross-Platform apps ensure availability on multiple platforms. They allow access to maximum number of users increasing your business domain.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the most exhilarating technology around. Our state of the art AR apps will confuse you between reality and graphical world.


IoT devices inculcate a variety of everyday items from smart watches to refrigerators. At DUOZ we make sure to develop apps that make interacting of these gadgets convenient.

Mobile Games

Our skillfully developed mobile games ensure the gamers a thrilling experience, which will satisfy their zest for adventure.

Web Design & Development

We know how to captivate the attention of potential customers. Our web design and development team ensures that DUOZ’s custom websites help our client gain a customer. We get deeper into your business, map things out and try to enlist characteristics and requirements of your website to make it look engaging, modern and user-friendly.

Build a strong foundation on the web

A website is a perfect platform to create a good image of your business that rekindles the spirits of the people when they think about your business. DUOZ enables you to create a website that not only has alluring layouts but also meets the requirements of you as well as your targeted audience.

We will create a website that will not only capture the attention of a user but will also drive traffic to your website.

We revamp the structure of businesses through our sophisticated web solutions

Ecommerce Web Solutions

We assist you in selling your products by following exceptional techniques and mobile friendly designs.

CMS Website

You can easily handle your web content without the help of any expert with our customized CMS websites.

B2B & B2C Portals

DUOZ's specific B2B and B2C Portals expand your reach to more clients.

Single Page Application

DUOZ creates single page applications with an aim to help customers do away with the loading delays or page refreshing activity.

Custom Development

The professional designers at DUOZ completely understand your business requirements, making your brand stand apart.

Website Development

We develop your website using dynamic designs and provide it a fascinating outlook, infusing it with a superior verge.

Software Development

At DUOZ we apprehend all your organizational requirements and deliver high quality and effectual digital services. We provide strategic tactics and integrate various technologies to increase traffic towards your website.

What we do?

Business Automation Systems

Our perfect Business Automation Systems take over your repetitive task ensuring you to save time and efforts.

Enterprise Portals

Our Enterprise Portals guarantee continuous connectivity within all the departments of your organization.


We offer finest Enterprise Resource Planning allow your business to be extremely effective and successful.

Work Flows

We provide seamless work flow systems which save time and increase productivity.


Our CRM systems are of great assistance to build a progressive relationship between your prospective and current clients.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our E-Commerce solutions accelerate your business productivity and assist you to reach your potential clients with ease.

Futuristic Dashboard

When you enter a big data and data visualisation, there are many chances that you might do it incorrectly.  We can help you do it in a proper way to present the data and enhance your decision making.

Our futuristic dashboard systems follow an iterative approach to present all your data seamlessly.

Why futuristic dashboard?

Data visualisation

Real time & just in time datas will help you make a decision as a leader.

3D Design

3D Futuristic dashboard has changed the way data visualisation works.

Powerful Animation & Transition

We enrich our futuristic dashboard applications with a wide range of animations.

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