MyOne Corporation Sdn Bhd

Smart Selangor Delivery Unit :

Smart Waste Management Dashboard

DUOZ was hired by Myone Corporation to deliver a futuristic dashboard for the integration of business processes while ensuring efficient data visualization of information throughout Smart Selangor Waste Management.

Project Overview

The dashboard enables the user to configure, monitor and manage daily waste management in Selangor. User is able to monitor trucks all over Selangor based on respective municipal. The data visualization features enable user to monitor the status on landfills, mobility status of the truck, and various statistics based on data gathered from the server.

We created a well-organized futuristic dashboard to help user save time and better understand by analyzing big data and visualize them via data visualization.

Monitor everything in one screen

Aesthetic appeal

To improve ease of understanding we create a visually appealing, clear, concise and well formatted dashboard design.