Our Works

Pixels and codes are our life! The design and development solutions we provide are flawlessly tailored to their unique needs. Staffed with the best-in-field technocrats, DUOZ effectively devises the solutions that drive positive results.


Petronas Dashboard

Petronas ICT hired DUOZ to create a 3D futuristic dashboard that display their data. DUOZ’s designers & developers fulfilled their requirements with high quality graphics and creative concepts.

SSDU : Smart Waste Management Dashboard

DUOZ was hired by Myone Corporation to deliver a high-quality dashboard for the integration of business processes while ensuring efficient data visualization of information throughout Smart Selangor Waste Management.

Perantau Hill

Pakatan Perantau wanted an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use website to display their business. This goal was easily achieved by the help of Team DUOZ.

Food Costing Pro

Mazmin Food Crafts wanted to help customers with hassle-free costing. Our mobile application enabled sellers to make purchases within a blink of an eye.

Gourmet Whisk

Gourmet Whisk hired DUOZ to create a website for their product display. Duoz provided smooth showcase e-commerce website that was exactly what they desired.

Hang Tuah Tech

Hang Tuah Tech approached DUOZ to design and develop a responsive website. This website helped them in successfully getting more traffic.

The People Department

The People Department, own by Click H & A Consultancy Sdn Bhd wanted to increase its presence via a website for its customers, Team DUOZ helped them achieve this goal.

Eddy Oh Yeah @ Petrosains

One of our reputed clients Digi wanted us to create a mobile application game for Petrosains's visitors to learn sign language through playing the game.

Channel Training

Channel training requested Duoz to build their official website for digital branding and to convey helpful information to their customers.