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The first step in considering your mobile app development needs is to determine if your idea is viable. With a combined team experience of over 10 years in mobile app development, we can help you better understand the key factors necessary for success with your mobile app concept, to ensure your idea is fully vetted before you make a substantial investment.

If we feel the mobile app idea will be difficult to pursue, we’ll tell you upfront. If your mobile app idea gets past our initial screening, we will likely recommend a paid Roadmapping Session which is the logical next step in the pursuit of your dreams.

A Roadmapping Session takes your mobile app idea and has our mobile app developers review it from top to bottom and stress tests it by defining it and scrutinizing it at a much greater level of detail.

Our mobile app developers will map out your mobile app idea and:

Once this is completed, both parties will have a much firmer grasp about the mobile app development project. This is comparable to going to an architect to design a new house and receiving blueprints and estimated costs.

Our Mobile App Developers Can Build All Kinds of Mobile Apps

IPhone & Android Mobile Apps In A Wide Variety Of Categories

Mobile apps come in all shapes and sizes. Popular mobile apps save us time, keep us connected, allow us to do things quickly and easily. There are thousands of niches and micro-niches available to exploit and we’re here to help you do that. We can build a variety of mobile apps such as:

How to Avoid Problematic Mobile App Developers

Everyone Talks A Good Game But Who Should You Trust?

Nobody expects things to go wrong with their mobile app development project when they hire a mobile app developer. But in the real world, things often do go wrong, mostly because of the hundreds of variables involved in a complicated project.

Most people desiring to build a mobile app are doing it for the first time and don’t have the experience they need to understand how they should approach such a project and where the risks are and how to mitigate them.

Let alone how to manage a mobile app developer to get what you want and achieve the desired outcome. Most customers we work don’t really understand how mobile apps are built. Their surface level experience leads them to believe that mobile apps are easy to build. Combine that with a mobile app developer who will tell you anything to land the sale and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

You’ll get a sense for the kind of mobile app development company you are speaking with during your first call with them. Are they really listening? Are they asking the right questions or are they yes’ing everything you say?

Mobile App Developer Red Flags

It is critical during the initial interactions with a prospective mobile app developer, that you remain alert for these common red flags:

If you start to notice these or other things, trust your gut and move on. It’s not worth making excuses for the person, no matter how low the price may seem. In fact, these type of vendors are the riskiest vendors of all since their lack of experience causes them to omit or fail to account for critical elements that always come back to bite later.

This commonly leads to conflicts, pain and upset. What seemed like an amazing price quickly spirals out of control into a nightmare. So heed the red flags and protect your financial investment. Stay with reputable, long-running companies when you’re about to make any significant investment.

The Key to Succeeding with Mobile App Development

Prevent 90% Of Cost Overruns, Anxiety & Catastrophic Misunderstandings

Would you consider traveling to a third world country where you had to get to a far off place you had never been to, at a certain time and with very limited resources without a GPS or at least a map, guidance and directions? It would be crazy to even try.

At the least you’d never arrive at your destination and at the worst, you might end up in a really bad place with all the wrong people.

The secret to project success is the Roadmapping Session.

Schedule for A Roadmapping Session Today

You’ve likely had this idea for some time and you’re ready to take the next step. Congratulation. You’ve found one of the better mobile app firms out there.

If you have an idea you want to pursue and are looking to take the next step, we look forward to helping you with a roadmapping session. The roadmapping session is a small investment (RM 10,000) in your big idea. For many customers it provides the motivation and impetus to take the next step.

Even if you won’t be able to invest the financial resources into the actual development of your project, the roadmapping session could be the perfect next step for you in the pursuit of building your big idea. You can use the results of the roadmapping session to discuss your idea with investors or other individuals who could provide the funding for your project. It will show that you have done your due diligence and are taking a responsible approach to your project.

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